Bigger, Better, Perfect - The Pinterest Syndrome

There's nothing wrong in aiming for beauty. 

Surrounding ourselves with beautiful things or visiting beautiful places or admiring beautiful people or creating beautiful stuff is all for the good.

Beauty makes us feel joyful, peaceful and alive. (click to tweet)

The problem is with our definition of beauty and how we let that control the way we live.

Is it really ours or as it been influenced by other people concepts of what beauty looks like?

Do you really love romantic, soft looking dresses or it is just that the girl on the photo looks lovely in it and you're just kept seeing it all over the place?

Magazines, tv shows, blogs and even social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram that are mainly visual, are all about curation, and styled settings and perfect lighting and angles and colours and whatever.

They even use the word perfect in their titles! And we somehow buy into it without even noticing. 

A few days ago I found myself cuffing my jeans the perfect way just like I saw on a pin. Really? Is there a perfect way of doing it? Come on, Marta, snap out of it!

We then find ourselves comparing living rooms, and office desks and make up and photos and especially, lives.

Let's call it the Pinterest Syndrome, shall we? (Nothing against it, LOVE me some Pinterest!)

Like if who has a #blackandwhitewithpopsofcolorgreatdesignandflowers kind of life is mandatorily happier than us. Or more in control of their lives.

Problem-free pretty lives. Wrong!!! 

Beauty and glamour does not correlate with structure or excellence. (click to tweet)

But we somehow believe that it does so we create boards of inspiration with the purpose of trying to duplicate it in our personal lives.

I often have to remind myself that first of all, beauty is not only about the exterior.

Beauty is also inspiration, encouragement, nurturing. Even messiness or imperfection can be beautiful! 

Secondly, perfect decors and outfits won't make us happier or more in control.

The sense of balance + completeness we crave for comes from within. (click to tweet)

If you want to change decors, try a new eyeshadow or experimenting with gluten free recipes do it because it expresses who you are in a better and more authentic way. Not because everyone else is saying you need to do it.

Oh, but don't get me wrong, I do believe in curation and simplified living.

Not with the goal of beauty but more with the intention of strongly and unmistakably expressing my personal view of concept or an idea. If it turns out beautiful the better!

But that's me! How about you? Does your life also look sooo much better on Pinterest? Comment below and don't forget to share this with your friends.

Marta Costa

Hello, Marta!, Rua da Fábrica, Samora Correia, Santarém, 2135, Portugal