Hi, I'm Marta! 

And I'm gonna help you start and grow your passion driven business.


no more overwhelm + confusion!


That's how you've been felt, right? I know I did, when I was starting my online journey.

The technology is hard as hell, you don't know what to prioritize (because, honestly, you don't know where you're going), social media seems like a foreign language and marketing is...well, scary. 

Even though I don't believe in 'one size fits all' kind of solutions I've learned that there are some basic structures you need to have in place that more often that not helps create a profitable and sustainable business.

You may feel stuck and overstretched but it doesn't have to be that way!

I'm gonna help you create a roadmap for your online business with simple, doable and smart actionable steps. I like to make it simple and fun!

You need to create a solid foundation for your business by putting the important stuff up and running, first.

The secret? Getting clear on what you want and creating laser focused strategies to help you get there.

For me, and I bet that for you too, having a business is not only about being not having a boss and making cold dollars, it's about freedom, flexibility and fulfilment, right?

Yes, you want the money, but you also want to feel your business doesn't drain the life out of you!

Doing the work, consistently and having fun in the process is my motto. Are you with me?

I'm here to guide you, support you and kick you in the butt once in awhile. My mission is to empower you with the tools, resources and knowledge that will help you move forward in your business.


  • Driven small business owner who really wants to make a living doing what you love
  • Creative with too many ideas that needs to find serious direction without spending too much money
  • Biz owner who are "green" at social media and need help creating a strategy that works for you
  • New entrepreneur taking the first steps into the online world but is eager to make a difference
  • Dreamer and doer who are not afraid of putting in the work but just lack focus

Let's tie those loose ends that have kept you from having your dream business!


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Marta Costa, an idea driven kind of gal with not enough hours in her days!

When I'm not helping biz newbies create smart + strategic action plans that that won't make them loose their sanity, I'm probably wasting my time on Pinterest, saving pins about diy's and recipes I'll never make.

Married, mom of César and Poppy (my furry princess) I was once a crocheter selling on Etsy turned Social Media and Business Consultant once I realized I was spending more time learning about the business of running a business than actually putting the needle to work.  

My goal is to empower creatives to start and grow businesses they are pumped to wake up to on Monday mornings.

That's what I wanted for myself when I started this journey, to have the freedom to manage my own time, living creatively everyday and feel I'm making a difference in the world.

Because of my degree in Clinical Psychology and my love for personal development (multipassionates raise your hand!) empowering and motivation others as always been important to me.

In the end, I think that what the world neesd is more people doing what they love and working on things they're passionate about. We spend too much time on our jobs to have them drain the hell out of us. A brighter future for all of us depends on it.

So, what passion driven business do you want to create? 

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